Feb 10, 2018 | By Tess

One of the biggest news stories of the week was SpaceX’s launch of its Falcon Heavy rocket, which blasted off on Tuesday, February 6. The aerospace firm, founded and run by business magnate Elon Musk, made history with a more than promising launch of what is now the “most powerful operational rocket in the world.”

Seeing the massive rocket soar through the sky and two of its boosters land in perfect unison on a launchpad was truly magical. But perhaps the most extraordinary part of the whole feat was that Musk sent a Tesla Roadster into orbit driven by a dummy named “Starman.”

As we watched the red convertible float through space with awe, we hoped that it would successfully reach its intended Mars orbit and one day be found by curious alien lifeforms. Musk put a dent in those hopes when he tweeted that the Tesla Roadster had overshot its orbit path and was believed to be careening towards the asteroid belt, though experts now believe that Starman will reach a distance of about 160 million miles from the Sun.

Despite this, SpaceX’s mission was an overall success and will surely reinvigorate the entire space exploration industry.

If you want to commemorate SpaceX’s achievement in your own way, you can now 3D print a model of the Falcon Heavy fairing. The 3D printed rocket was modeled by maker [psync] who based the design on a cross-section of NASA diagram and who even created a small payload adapter base fit for a model car.

So if you have a small red Hot Wheels convertible lying around, you can really commemorate the Starman mission by loading up the 3D printed Falcon Heavy rocket with its precious cargo. And hey, if your toy car doesn’t make it to the Mars orbit, you’ve got nothing to feel bad about!

 When you've finished that bad boy, why not try 3D printing this SpaceX-inspired carbon fiber lamp as well?



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