Feb 14, 2018 | By Benedict

3D4E at UCLA, a 3D printing student organization and part of 3D4E National, is using 3D printing to make musical instruments such as ukuleles and shakers. The group is passing its 3D printed instruments on to the nearby Maryvale orphanage.

Valentine’s Day is nothing without music, and thanks to the hard work of some tech-savvy UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) students, a few budding musicians might discover their talents over the coming months.

The UCLA chapter of 3D4E (3D Printing For Everyone), a national organization dedicated to helping students navigate the 3D printing industry, is 3D printing ukuleles and other instruments to give to Maryvale, an orphanage in Rosemead, California.

The ambitious 3D printed musical instrument project began last year, with the intention of distributing 3D printed instruments to the nearby orphanage. The goal is to provide every child there with a 3D printed ukulele, while also showing them the kind of technology used to produce those stringed instruments.

The bodies of each ukulele are 3D printed in PLA, while the strings, tuning pegs, and other non-printable parts are store-brought.

In addition to the 3D printed ukuleles, the 3D4E group has also 3D printed instruments like shakers and pan flutes, and even has a 3D printed recorder in the works. Other instruments could follow as the student organization gains more resources.

(Images: 3D4E at UCLA)

“Ultimately, our musical instruments project poses to be a tremendous opportunity for us to illustrate that science and art can coexist and thrive together, inspire the youth, and ignite their creativity,” the group says.

3D4E at UCLA is currently raising funds so it can carry out further work. Its 3D printer wishlist includes a Robo3D R1+, a Prusa i3 Mk2s, and an Ultimaker 2+.



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