Oct 17, 2018 | By Thomas

Gillette today launches Razor Maker, a new concept that leverages 3D printing technology to offer a series of customizable 3D printed handles for consumers who desire to have completely unique and personalized products.

"Gillette is in the business of helping men look, feel and be their best, and that means giving them access to grooming options that not only meet their shaving needs, but also match their lifestyle, look and budget,” said Pankaj Bhalla, Director, Gillette & Venus North America. “Earlier this year we introduced a range of new razor products and declared that ‘one size’ does not fit all men when it comes to razors. The Razor Maker pilot furthers our commitment to place power in the hands of consumers and literally have them custom-make their razors exactly the way they want them – tailored to their grooming preference, budget, look, color and style. This is one of the many ways we are fulfilling our commitment to being The Best A Man Can Get."

Gillette's Razor Maker is making a limited quantity of 3D-printed razor handles available to U.S. consumers. Each Razor Maker handle is 3D printed at Gillette’s Boston headquarters using stereolithography (SLA) printing technology from Boston-based Formlabs, a company that designs and manufactures accessible 3D printers.

Consumers can create their own 3D printed razor handle by visiting Razor Maker website (razor-maker.com). Once there, visitors choose from a range of 48 designs which can only be produced using 3D printing technology. After selecting the handle, consumers personalize it further by choosing from seven color options (black, white, red, blue, green, grey and chrome) and by adding text to the design. Handles can accommodate either Gillette’s MACH3 or Fusion5 ProGlide razor cartridges.

“Mass customization with 3D printing is finally becoming a reality for consumers to experience end-use printed products,” said Dávid Lakatos, Chief Product Officer of Formlabs. “Historically, 3D printing has been involved in the development or manufacturing processes for most products people interact with every day, but consumers have had little interaction with 3D printing itself... These new custom razor handles are the next step towards changing that dynamic and getting 3D-printed products directly into the hands of consumers.”

Consumers can expect to receive their personalized 3D printed razor handle in 2-3 weeks. Handles are priced starting at $19 for a partially 3D-printed handle with a black rubberized grip, and $25 for a fully 3D-printed handle. Chrome handles will be $39 and $45, respectively. Each handle will come with one razor cartridge, and customers can choose to order four additional cartridges for $15.



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John Flicker wrote at 10/25/2018 4:59:02 PM:

Does the handle improve the actual shave experience - I would use a great blade tapped to the end of a toothbrush handle over a 3D neon handle with the same old blades... JMHO

Suncat2000 wrote at 10/18/2018 9:21:04 PM:

It's pretty convenient to be able to order a custom razor handle. But if Gillette really wanted to put control in the consumers' hands, they would publish the design for the razor head attachment point and let consumers print their own handles. Hmm, that's a great idea for anyone with a 3D printer anyway. I just need the right threads.

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