Printing a horse head model on an Inspire 3D printer

Nov.2, 2012 -   Beijing TierTime Technology Co. Ltd, maker of Inspire and UP! 3D Printer, the parent company of PP3DP and Delta Micro Factory, demonstrated its Inspire industrial 3D printer. More

Tutorial: Designing Jewelry ring for a 3D printer with Blender and Netfabb 

Nov.2, 2012 -  In this tutorial below Mikee Rice shows you how to build jewelry ring ready for 3D printing from scratch.More 

First 3D printer XLN lab opened in Israel 

Nov.2, 2012 -  open-source 3D XLN (Cross-Labs Network) workspace, Israel's first open-source 3D printer lab, is opened recently by Reut Institute in a nondescript basement in the center of Tel Aviv. More 

Iconic:am The waterproof mountable iPhone case with customizable, 3D-printed mounts

Nov.1, 2012 -   But on Kickstarter is offering a Waterproof case that mounts your iPhone anywhere. More

3D-printed ceramic bricks developed for large-scale construction 

Nov.1, 2012 -  After a six-week residency program at the European Ceramic Work Centre in the south of the Netherlands, Brian Peters developed a 3D-printed ceramic bricks project - "Building Bytes".  More 

Get back to normal life with DIY prosthetic fingers 

Nov.1, 2012 -  Richard decided to build his own hand. He came across a video of making functional Mechanical hands created by Ivan Owen, a designer in Washington State. Richard sent him an email asking... More 

Introducing stylish L5 and L5plus 3D printers

Nov.1, 2012 -   The fully assembled open source L5 3D printer on Kickstarter is launched by Provo, UT based Michael Lundwall. It has some unique features: injection-molded plastic parts, new head design, etc. More

Brikstarter helps bring your ideas to Kickstarter  

Oct.31, 2012 -  Nick Allen started the company 3D Print UK in 2011 with the aim to open the UK 3D printing market to the consumer. Together with designer Rob, mobile developer Alasdair, and Vibol, a New Zealander video editor.. More 

German RepRap launches new direct drive extruder for 3D printer 

Oct.31, 2012 -  With the new direct drive extruder for the 3D printer PRotos, the German RepRap GmbH succeeded in realizing an extruder with minimal dimensions. More 

Stratasys adds black ULTEM 9085 thermoplastic for 3D printing

Oct.31, 2012 -   Stratasys unveiled black color ULTEM 9085, a high-performance thermoplastic, for use in its FDM 3D printers. More

3D printing an acoustic stand on the cheap

Oct.31, 2012 -   Michael Williams 3D printed some acoustic stands for mobile phone. The stand can not only hold your phone but also direct the sound towards you with improved clarity and volume. More

High strength nylon 3D printing material available for sale 

Oct.31, 2012 -  taulman announced today the taulman 618 Nylon material is available for sale. This taulman's "618" high strength nylon line is specifically engineered for 3D printing. More 

VXC800: World's first 3D continuous printer

Oct.30, 2012 -   voxeljet, the Augsburg-based equipment builder will present the brand new VXC800 3D printer at EuroMold 2012. More

Melotte: 3D printing significantly reduces production costs 

Oct.30, 2012 -  Mario Fleurinck (41), CEO of Zonhoven (Belgium) based technology company Melotte, is passionate about eco-system design and sustainable technologies development.  More 

World's first 3D printed artificial reef 

Oct.30, 2012 -  An Australian-Bahraini team has taken artificial reef design to a new level: The team has 3D printed its first reef units that stand 1m high and weigh 500kg each. More 

Olaf Diegel's 3D-printed Guitars available on Cubify

Oct.30, 2012 -   The first-ever line of 3D printed electric and bass guitars, designed by Olaf Diegel, is now available for purchase on Cubify. More

Creating complex 3D metallic structures at nanoscale

Oct.30, 2012 -   Scientists from Aalto University in Finland and the University of Washington in the US have just demonstrated how to create complex three-dimensional structures at nanoscale by combining ion processing and nanolithography. More

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