Dec.17, 2011

Wanna a robot help with your house chore and make dinner for you? It is now possible! European university researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany are developing ARMAR-III, a robot that learns to understand its surroundings by interact with 3D modeled-objects. By picking up a cereal box, the robot could learn that it weighs less than a similarly sized book, and if it flips the box over, cereal comes out. Currently ARMAR-III is able to open and close a dishwasher or even making a simple meal.

“If you want to interact, the robot needs data – what an object looks like and how to pick it up,” explains Alexander Kasper, Dipl. Inform. at KIT. They focus on communicating with the robot through speech and gestures and teach ARMAR-III how to learn new things and survive in a human environment.

(photo: KIT humanoid robots are cooking 

credit: KIT)

The KIT team scan real-world objects using a Konica Minolta 3D scanner and combine the output into one textured 3D image. They modeled 119 objects for ARMAR-III with high resolution. The colors, weight and contents of each object are unique so that the team can teach ARMAR-III to understand its surroundings by recognizing and grasping objects.

The KIT team hope the next generation ARMAR-IV could learn to walk. "With legs it will be able to climb steps and provide more assistance to humans,"says Kasper."Robots will eventually be able to use their learned knowledge to guess what the user wants."

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