Dec.30, 2011

How many of you are crazy about playing Minecraft? Have you ever thought of bringing a structure in Minecraft to life? Eric Haines from Autodesk made something for you. He has just finished his crazy-person project and released the program to the world. It’s a little program named Mineways, means a bridge between Minecraft and Shapeways. YOu can select from a Minecraft world various blocks and trim them up, then render/send it to a 3D printer, or any 3D printing service company like Shapeways.

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It is a really simple and convenient process - with the Mineways program you look around in the game and select any of your favourite Minecraft scene, object, or mob and then render it into a real object. Models can also be exported for rendering on Blender or just about any other rendering application.

(photo credit: Mineways)

Below is the video that shows how Eric Haines installs Mineways - exports a model - proviews - uploads it to Shapeways in just two minutes.

Mineways is free and open source, anyone can download the program at (for Windows only). You get also detailed instructions for installation, mapping, selecting a region, exporting models, exporting to 3D print, using shapeways etc. Super creative! So, enjoy and have fun! And, thanks, Eric Haines.

via Mineways

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Matty wrote at 12/11/2014 8:00:43 PM:

Why isn't this more well known? :D It's amazing, you can bring your awesome Minecraft build into the real world with this software and then 3D printing it somewhere

Eric Haines wrote at 12/30/2011 1:11:53 PM:

Hey, thanks for this article. Some friends just received my latest test models/presents, you can see the results at

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