April 29, 2012

At TEDxPrague2010 and TEDxVienna2010 conference Josef Prusa, designer of the Prusa Mendel, gave every visitor a 3D printed whistles as souvenir for showing off what a RepRap 3D printer can print. That was bit tough job that he needed to print 500 whistles while each whistle roughly took 30 minutes.

Two years later, the RepRaps have been improved and he has learned some more coding. He can now print each whistle under 8 minutes. Josef Prusa got a perfect chance to give away his 3D printed whistles souvenir at the INFOTRENDY conference in Bratislava for a smaller audience - 150 visitors. He received a full list of the attendees one week before and he managed to print out them all one day before the conference, this time even with the initials of each attendee printed. "Everyone was happy to get custom made gift and it was much easier to show them the versatility of 3D printing!"

(photo credit: Josef Prusa)

Meanwhile Josef Prusa wrote the WhistleGen code and uploaded it on GitHub. He posted a sample chapter of his "Getting Started with RepRap" book as a souvenir too.

"Watching the eureka moment on people faces when they realize how simple 3D printing can be is fun. Unfortunately, many in our society are somehow preprogramed to immediately dismiss the idea and mark it as Sci-Fi invention, so it's up to us to show them. I lecture about RepRap a few times a month and if I didn't take my printer with me, I would be expelled as a charlatan."


Source: josefprusa.cz


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3D Printer Tweets myvideostowatch wrote at 10/19/2015 12:57:25 PM:

The working link is here:- https://github.com/josefprusa/WhistleGen

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