Jun.25, 2012

Canon announced last week the MR (Mixed Reality) System, a new product design tool that allows users to evaluate a product's design and operability by replacing physical prototypes with virtual ones. MR System is an image data processing technology that seamlessly integrates the real and virtual worlds in real time. Full-scale 3D computer generated images can instantly react to changes based on the user's movements.

The Concept:

1. Users will wear a headset containing two video cameras inside the head-mounted display (HMD) which are placed in front of the left and right eyes. This setup captures video from the real world, which is then sent to a wired connected computer.

2. Through image processing and positioning and directional sensor data, the CG visuals in the computer and the real-world environment are combined with high precision and displayed on the small monitors located inside of the HMD.

3. An optical system enlarges the video displayed on the small monitors to create high-impact 3D images and displayed to the user.

"Even though the images are delivered through a video feed, by matching the video cameras' optical axes with those of the light entering the eyes from the small displays, the system delivers a realistic experience, creating the impression that visuals are being seen with the naked eye."says the company.

Canon hopes the system can be a support tool for designers to get a better sense of how exactly their product will look in the real world and quicker evaluation of design. And eventually it can reduce the number of prototypes required and can contribute to minimizing costs.

Not only for the design process, Canon has high hopes that its MR System can also be used in a wide variety of applications, such as a tool used in medicine, to enact surgical procedure simulations; or customer-vendor interactions in sales scenarios where the customer can see the product from different angles and perspectives, as in home and office renovations.

Pricing is unknown yet, it is said it varies depending on system configurations. The new system will be available in late July of this year in Japan. Canon plans to offer an SDK for developers, so users can develop their own MR applications as well.

Source: Canon


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