April 20, 2012

Solidoodle was started in September 2011. The Solidoodle 3D Printer, designed by Sam Cervantes who worked for General Electric for four years in his early career. Later he helped design the Mosiac 3D printer for MakerGear and started selling his own 3D printer, Solidoodle.

The Solidoodle is a fully assembled and tested 3D printer with simple and home-use design. Most of the functional parts are laser-cut wood, and the whole system is enclosed in an attractive sheet metal case. The Solidoodle 1st Generation had a price tag of $699 with build size 4x4x4", which was the least expensive, fully-assembled 3D printer available and even cheaper than most kits.

At NY Tech Day yesterday Solidoodle launched their new Solidoodle 2. The prices for this pre-assembled 3D printer series with a larger 6x6x6" (152x152x152mm) build area start at $499. This is the printer for people who just want to plug it in, feed in the filament, and start printing.

The new Solidoodle 2nd Generation 3D Printer has a durable metal frame that a 200lb man can literally stand on top of the machine while it's printing.

Solidoodle requires you to install some software on your host computer before you can use your Solidoodle 3D printer, such as the Arduino Drivers, Python, Skeinforge and Prongerface software, but starting from 2nd Generation you don't need to configure Skeinforge anymore. "Your printer has a limit switch on the platform and will home to the top. The first layer height is adjustable via a set screw on the inside rear panel of the printer."

Other tech specs:
Uses 1.75mm plastic filament (ABS recommended)
11.5" x 11.75x 11.75" case footprint (LxWxH)
RepRap Sanguinololu v1.3a Electronics
Nichrome powered extruder
Extruder moves in XY, build platform moves in Z
Custom acrylic extruder with stepper motor, .35mm nozzle
Weight: 17 lbs
Accuracy: about .3mm (layer height) or 84dpi

Solidoodle 2 offers three different levels of 3D printer:

Base Model $499: with Acrylic build platform and open design (no outer cover/door)

Pro Model $549: with heated build platform, Upgraded power supply, spool holder, interior lighting and open design (no outer cover/door)

Expert Model $599: All the features of the Pro model + an outer cover & front acrylic door

Solidoodle is currently accepting pre-orders and the lead time is 5-6 weeks after you place your order.


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ryan wrote at 8/4/2012 5:45:12 AM:

how much is the plastic

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