May.3, 2012

Fujitsu Laboratories Limited and Fujitsu Research and Development Center have developed a technology for retrieving partially similar models from stored 3D CAD models.

This technique analyzes the elements composing a 3D CAD model, including the positional relationship between different surfaces, and automatically segments the model into distinctive parts that are suitable for later retrieval, such as protruding shapes. Furthermore, the company has developed a technology that automatically extracts shape features, such as concave and convex surfaces, from the segmented parts, and compares them to the shape features of the search key.

Even if the orientation, size or position of the segmented parts differ, as long as the shapes are similar, they are determined to be similar, and can therefore be retrieved and reused.

The designer-specified search key and 3D CAD models with partially similar shapes can be viewed together in a virtual 3D space. In addition, the system allows for efficient retrieval through color-coded highlighting of the similar parts.

What is the advantage of this technology? Because the new technology enables retrieved part models to be reused in combination with multiple other parts, design time can be shortened by 90 percent compared to designing from the ground up, said the company.

With the new technology, 10,000 3D CAD models were automatically segmented into approximately 100,000 parts, and the 3D CAD models containing similar shapes to a specified search key could be retrieved in roughly three seconds, making it practical for real-world use.

Fujitsu Limited plans to pursue the commercialization of the new technology before the end of FY2012.

Photo credit/source: Fujitsu


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