Sep.22, 2012

Along with the new Replicator 2, MakerBot also announced new Makerware software for the new 3D printer. Makerware is designed to perform the same function as ReplicatorG, but with faster slicing, print bed management. It also supports OBJ files, can handle multiple files simultaneously.

(Image credit: Makerbot)

But surprisingly MakerWare is not made to work with older Makerbots. Josef Prusa, the creator of Prusa Mendel, looked at Makerware and he figured out how to hack the new MakerWare software.

It turned out it is possible and ridiculously simple. Adding support officially would take minutes. But It seems noone want's you to see that. Makerbot had to buy commercial Qt license (if they didn't they are violating Qt license) to be able to make MakerWare closed source. Qt is library for making user interface. I'm starting to think, that closed source is not misinformation but was planned for some time.


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Joe wrote at 9/22/2012 6:26:21 PM:

Official support for old makerbots was planned from the beginning, its just not done. Its easy to add, because we were planning it. We just didn't have time to test and polish it. A near future release will definitely have that support built in.

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