Nov.3, 2012

Loophole lamp designed by Tim Durfee uses a common off-the-shelf fluorescent tube to create a simple source of diffuse light. Opaque paint on half of the U-shaped element blocks the direct glow, while allowing bright illumination of the wall behind. A 3D-printed piece completes the oval geometry and directs the wiring to the powder-coated steel post. The base of Loophole proudly displays the lamp's electrical ballast – which all fluorescent lights require to stabilize the flow of current.

(Images credit: Tim Durfee)

One of the Loophole lamps is on display as part of the MAK Center's "Light My Way, Stranger" fundraising event November 2nd, 2012, which features lamps by various Los Angeles artists and architects at Rudolph Schindler's Fitzpatrick-Leland House.


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