Nov.16, 2012

3D printer manufacturer Objet offers a very wide range of 3D printing materials. Objet's 107 proprietary inkjet-based photopolymer materials range in properties from rigid to rubber-like, glass-like transparency to opaque color shades, and from standard to engineering plastics. Among these 107 materials 90 are digital materials fabricated during the 3D printing process.

(Image credit: Objet)

In the video below Sam Green from Objet took a trip to their wash room showing some of the latest 3D printed models being printed at Objet HQ and 3D printing capacity.

On display are a wide assortment of models and 3D printing materials ranging from multi-material 3D printed parts (gear cubes), to clear transparent material parts used in consumer electronics, to ABS-like Digital Material for extra toughness (the green iPhone cover with interlocking gears), to Objet's original yellow-transparent general purpose material (elephant), rigid blue material (horse) for extra detail visualization and rigid white material (vase) for all-round rapid prototyping.


Source: Objet


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