Dec.5, 2012

TrinityLabs is a Cartesian Robotics R&D company located in Portland, OR. After more than a year of development TrinityLabs launches their first 3D printer: Aluminatus TrinityOne.

Aluminatus TrinityOne 3d Printer has a very rigid, all aluminum constructed frame. The X and Y axis on the Aluminatus TrinityOne is capable of +-0.02mm repeatability and resolution per meter of travel.

With approximately 300mm x 300mm x 300mm of printable build-volume, the TrinityOne has a huge - full SQUARE FOOT of - printable space to use to turn your 3D models into reality.

The TrinityOne combines an cartesian robot platform, with the X&Y axis custom-developed using 10 start 25mm pitch leadscrews(look ma, no belts!), SIMO™ linear actuators (manufactured by our partners, PBC Linear), and a first-of-its-kindZ axis, based on the new Glidescrew™ product from another partner, Thomson Linear robotics.

Print Bed:

The Aluminatus TrinityOne ships by default with a true Borosilicate print surface as well as a kapton heating element that allows for printing of PLA, ABS , resins and other types of plastic.

The print surface has a 290mm x 290mm 24V, 200W kapton heater installed under a 300mm x 300mm aluminum heat spreader. The entire assembly is supported by a G10 and Aluminum Y platform machined for a light-weight and rigid/aligned print platform that hardly needs to be leveled.

85% Pre-assembled Kit:

The TrinityOne ships as a kit but has been mostly pre-assembled and tested before delivery. All of the precision-aligned linear motion assemblies are prebuilt and calibrated. Firmware on your electronics is pre-installed and the PSU and Electronics as well as the wiring harness are pre-mounted to the assembled lower frame. At home what you need to do is to bolt together around 10 major components and then plug a few wires into their pre-made harness.


The TrinityOne comes with an extruder that uses a true planetary gear head nema17 motor with massive 334 oz-in holding torque but fast speeds of up to 118RPM. The SIMO linear stage on the X axis can maintain up to 390mm/sec speed with up to 2.4kilos of weight on the carriage.

Nozzle: 0.4mm.

Layer height: Z axis is capable of 0.025mm layer heights.

The quoted price for TrinityOne 3D printer is $2,199. Currently TrinityLabs is taking pre-order - the first 50 customers can enjoy a discount price at $1,699. And orders will be shipped by January 20, 2013.

Here are some nice 3D prints made on the new TrinityOne:

0.203mm layer height Xmas tree

(All images credit: Trinitylabs)


Thanks David M. for the tip.

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Quinn wrote at 12/6/2012 8:16:09 AM:

I can't wait to see it in motion and I heard that it is getting modifications now that will make it even more quiet than it already is... pretty hard to get a realistic view of it's volume via a uTube video!

steve cooley wrote at 12/5/2012 11:03:56 PM:

klak klak klak klak klak klak klak... whew, gotta wonder how loud that thing is.

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