Dec.16, 2012

Lucastar, a 3D designer in UK, ordered a Buildabot 3D printer kit from York3Dprinters and documented his building and testing experiences on his blog. UK based company York3Dprinters offers the Buildabot 3D printers in two versions: self build kit (£999) and fully assembled 3D printer (£1,399). All Buildabot 3D printers feature a rigid aluminium chassis, T2.5 pulleys and stainless hardware.

After receiving the raw kit, the first thing Lucastar did was to polished parts with sand paper and peek metal polish. 6 hours later as you can see from the photo below these laser cut ally panels shine like mirrors.

Buildabot features easy-to-build & maintain Aluminium Chassis so it didn't take him long to assemble. Only the finishing off takes the longest.

"It has taken me ages to put the microswitches on the machine to test it. I hate wiring. Luckily, Buildabot now has molex plugs, so its just a case of plugging everything in.. The motherboard reset switch is on a flying lead. As the electronics are underneath the machine, this flying lead means that you don't have to dig around underneath there every time you want to update the firmware."

The initial printing tests were pretty good. The nude model print on the picture below is "1.75mm yellow PLA running at 130mm/s, 0.2 layers it had 10 second layer switched on. It is hollow with no support."

This is derived from Voronoi D Tower - Math Art by @Dizingof, and it is printed at 60mm/s, no heated bed yet. Total time took just over an hour.

Another print was a bearing, printed at 0.2mm layer with a speed of 36mm/s. "Total print time was 3 hours. The machine builds support around the balls to keep them from rolling around. You can easily break away the support with a pair of long nose pliers. 3 minute job. The bearing runs fine, without dropping its balls everywhere. Great!" More images are available on Lucastar's site.

(Images credit: Lucastar)



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Andrew Parker wrote at 1/3/2013 3:30:58 PM:

I also have one of these and I love it! The build quality is fantastic, and it prints really well... I have not mirror polished mine - it is anodised. This is the best Xmas present I have ever had!! (Just waiting on the graphic upgrade kits to be released now...) Totally recommended!

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