Mar.12, 2013 | Geraldine Bouvry

On February 1st, Sandboxr, an American start-up based in Utah, launched a new 3D printing application at the Leonardo, Museum of Science and Art in Salt Lake City.

The online application provides a powerful 3D manipulation interface, designed to allow anyone, of any age to have a truly customized 3D product experience. The application is targeted as being the ultimate playground for artists, game developers and end users alike.

In the bustling and challenging 3D printing market, where every day sees novelty and breakthrough technologies emerge, Sandboxr and its founder Berkley Frei had to be smart and create a software able to offer real differentiation.

What makes the Sandboxr application so unique and appealing compared to the current offer? It goes a step further by allowing the end user to play with more content and customization, such as facial expressions or movements. The start-up has really considered the user as a craftsman and has made the choice to provide him with more tools in his hands to let his creativity flow. He is eventually able to design his "dream character", initially selected from a vast library of crowd-sourced content from 3D artists around the world. In brief, a real "do-it-yourself" application where the only limitation seems to be the user's imagination.

To demonstrate the endless possibilities of his new application and combining it with the 3D printing technology, Berkley Frei gave birth to his own zoetrope. The following video goes through the creation phase and collaboration with artist Trent Call up to the birth of the zoetrope from the 3D printer.

The following video explains how Sandboxr works:

Anyone acquiring the software will only focus on designing his virtual "dream model". The 3D printing and the shipment of the real model will be handled by Sandboxr.

At present, the software is ready for commercialization, a kickstarter campaign is just launched. The first 1000 Kickstarter backers could receive their custom creation 3D printed at 3 inches for $25. And Sandboxr will have your custom print delivered to your door. Check out the Sandboxr Kickstarter campaign here.







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