Aug.7, 2013

The Filabot team has today announced the launch of its Filabot Wee Kit, a filament extruder.

The Filabot Wee uses plastic pellets and turns them into the filament for 3D printers. The Filabot Wee can make both 1.75mm and 3mm diameter filament at a rate of 5ipm to 20ipm.


  • Max Temp: 400°C
  • Temperature Settings: Can be set to stay constant at any temperature between 40°C to 350°C
  • Extrude Rate: 5ipm to 20ipm plastic and diameter dependent
  • Filament Output: 1.75mm and 3mm with provided interchangeable nozzles
  • Input Material: ABS and PLA Pellets and Colorants (Provided Here)
  • Feed Screw Speed: 35RPM
  • Input Power: 120VAC
  • Power Draw: ~300Watts
  • Enclosure Size: 17 x 7 x 8 in (431 x 178 x 203mm)

The Filabot Wee is a kit that needs to be assembled. The price for Filabot Wee Kit (Un-Welded) is US$620 (EUR466 / GBP401). For US$649 (EUR488 / GBP420) you can get a "welded" version, all you need to do is assemble and extrude.

The current lead time is 8 weeks. Find more details on Filabot's site.


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Tyler McNaney wrote at 8/8/2013 6:46:29 AM:

Hey Guys this it Tyler from Filabot, We are shipping the KS systems, and we are fulfilling our KS. The reason there is an 8 week lead time is because within that time the KS units are shipping.

jd90 wrote at 8/8/2013 3:26:57 AM:

So, did they just take the backer's money and run? Tripled their original goal and just pocket the money? It's been about twenty months now. I'm glad I didn't back them, and I'm certainly not going through with this one.

Ben wrote at 8/7/2013 7:29:15 PM:

I bought a decent 3D printer for $650 with stepper motors, hot end, custom formed frame, heat bed, control pcb, etc. All I see here is plywood, drill bit, and windshield wiper motor........ I know he said he's underwater from the KS but this is not the way to recoup funds especially when he hasn't delivered on his first promised goods and there is cheaper and far better competitive options like the Extrusion Bot. Although, jury's still out on if those guys can deliver as well.

Joe Larson wrote at 8/7/2013 5:19:17 PM:

Anyone else bothered that they're taking more money before they've fulfilled the kickstarter orders?

Slightly Bitter wrote at 8/7/2013 4:40:13 PM:

Amazing that they can create an entirely new version AND list a lead time of 8 weeks... when the backers of Filabot are still waiting for our original version...

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