Oct. 14, 2014

Last month, a London-based team of young entrepreneurs and engineers have revealed the prototype for their Raspberry Pi laptop, the world's first ever fully-functional, 3D printed laptop. Today the team has launched it on Indiegogo.

Their kit,called the Pi-Top, as the laptop runs on a Raspberry Pi board computer, is to include all the materials and components you need (and that you can't print yourself) and a comprehensive guide to printing all the necessary remaining parts. It comes with an injection molded case as well as 3D printing files so that you can print your own Pi-Top case.

"Our goal is to make hardware as accessible as software is now, and a big part of that is making it beginner friendly." writes the team on its Indiegogo campaign page. No soldering is required to build Pi-Top, Pi-Top wants to give everyone the platform to learn how to create hardware.

They have created multiple file formats so the Pi-Top can be printed on any 5"+ bed size 3D printer. "A core theme will be combining 3D printing with Printed Circuit Board design, by combining these two skills you can start to create real hardware products as you progress with Pi-Top." said the team.

The most impressive part is that Pi-Top will be released with three HATs, adding a huge layer of functionality. HATs are small addon boards you attach to the top of the Raspberry Pi.

The Pi-Top LCD Hat will allow the Raspberry Pi Model B+ to connect to any LCD screen that has a single channel LVDS interface, making it easy to make displays and a range of mobile devices.

The Robot HAT sits on top of the Raspberry Pi inside your Pi-Top and gives you access to motor and servo drivers, digital-to-analogue converters, analog-to-digital converters, LEDs, IR proximity sensors and more.

The Home Automation HAT is packed with loads of sensors so that you can retrieve information from the environment surrounding your Raspberry Pi, including pressure, humidity, temperature, touch, IR proximity and sound. With this HAT you will be able to learn how to use data collected by sensors to create automated devices.

The Big update for launch is the pricing.

  • Super Early Bird price: $229 for the full Pi-Top Kit. Raspberry Pi Model B+ included.
  • Early Bird price (without Raspberry Pi included) $209
  • Shipping is $35 anywhere in Europe. USA & Canada shipping is $45. Other countries $55.

What's included in the Kit?

  • 1) Injection molded case
  • 2) 3D printer STL files compatible for most print bed sizes (5" x 5" bed size and up)
  • 3) PCBs - Power Management, HDMI to LVDS Bridge and Keyboard & Trackpad Controller.
  • 4) Electronics breadboard
  • 5) Battery
  • 6) Keyboard
  • 7) Trackpad
  • 8) 13.3"HD LCD Screen
  • 9) Wifi adapter
  • 9) Acrylic slice
  • 10) Wiring
  • 11) DC wall plug
  • 12) Build instructions
  • 13) Online & integrated lesson plans

The project is 22% funded after making the campaign live last night. It will be exciting to watch it goes, check it out here.

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