Oct. 27, 2014

Doob Group AG, a German 3D-technology company, has launched the Dooblicator, a mobile full body scanning system that offers private and corporate clients customized 3D-services. Combining 3D scanning, data processing with 3D printing technology, the Dooblicator 3D Scanning System aims to democratize 3D photos for everyone.

The Dooblicator is a mobile, contactless, full body scanning system that ensures fast and highly precise detection of the human body and other complex surface structures.

The Dooblicator is suitable for brands and companies that want to leverage 3D technology for new and spectacular forms of presentations at concerts ('StarDoob'), sports-events ('3D Sport'), fashion shows, weddings, trade shows ('BrandDoob') or corporate-events ('BusinessDoob'). Fans can do personal live scans at events/concerts and buy 3D-printed selfies of themselves or together with the artists. The contact-free 3D full-body scanning system realizes a precise coverage of human bodies or other complex surfaces/structures in only 0.01 seconds.

This company, headquartered in Dusseldorf and with additional operations in Berlin, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo, opened its first 3D-consumer-retail-store back in the year 2013. Till today it has produced more than 7,000 3D-Doobs for end-consumers.

Dooblicator customers can get live-scanned at any event and Doob will then create 3D printed figurines in various sizes from 10 cm up to life size. In collaboration with brands, Doob Group has launched a series of campaign for developing successful 3D-products. For example, the company and its international affiliates in Japan (Tokyo) and the US (New York City) launched a global 3D-selfie-campaign - the UNIQLO Selfless Selfie Project - for one of the fastest growing fashion retailer UNIQLO.

Additional, successful projects have been realized this year with DR. OETKER, one of the most trusted international food brands, as well as SAMSUNG_Cheil for the Euroshop exhibition, the worlds leading trade-fair. In partnership with Chimperator & LETSROCKIT, Doob has launched first 3D-Doob Edition of a music artist in Europe with German Popstar CRO.

On Saturday October 25th, Doob Group launches the Dooblicator pop-up store in Santa Monica, CA in Southern California, USA.


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Emily Jackson wrote at 5/10/2017 6:01:48 PM:

Just saw this on Rachael Ray. Awesomeness! The detail in those dolls is unbelievable!

darren dacre wrote at 8/19/2015 4:57:59 AM:

how much is a 3d image of a person costing?

John Jacobson wrote at 2/9/2015 7:56:51 PM:

How does this system compare to the Twinstant full-body 3D scanner? http://web.twindom.com/twinstant/

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