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For the more experienced 3D printers among us, who are looking for more options and even a touch of customizability, there are fortunately a number of 3D printers out there that can be tinkered with and improved upon, like adding a larger printbed or a second extrusion head. And just in time for Christmas HYREL 3D, one of the manufacturers of those modular printers, has just released an interesting update that will doubtlessly excite many HYREL users.

For those of you who've never heard of HYREL 3D, it's an Atlanta-based printer manufacturer that has been producing some very interesting models since a very successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012. Their whole approach has been modular; all of their printers can be easily customized to suit your latest printing projects, and possible add-ons include larger printbed, various types of extruders (even one specifically for clay) and even multiple (up to four!) heads. In their own words, 'The HYREL line of printers was designed with a modular approach, to be able to accommodate the wide range of needs we saw in this rapid evolving technology.'

However they have now taken another, significant step in their modularity philosophy. For their latest extrusion head, the HYREL 3D printhead SDK, now comes with all the open-source codes and information necessary to tweak its functionality. As they recently revealed, 'We are opening up our software of full real time kernel source code in C ready to add your support routines and develop your own customized head.'

In their own words, they felt that it was impossible to satisfy every hobbyist out there with custom upgrades and add-ons, so they've decided to start 'offering you the ability to do just that. Each SDK kit will also, they promise us, come with a controller board that is compatible with every previous HYREL model, and comes with all the necessary components for customization and modification:

  • Two Way Switch
  • Micro Stepping Motor (2amp - Allegro 4988]
  • Expansion 1/0
  • Dual Highside Switch (vndsoso)
  • 32 bit ARM Microprocessor stm32fid3
  • SWD Auxiliary Expansion
  • Hydra CanBUS Expansion
  • USB ST plug-in for easy programming

It thus looks like Christmas is coming early for HYREL users. Check out their YouTube announcement of this new addition the HYREL 3D printer:

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