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Just a week ago, 3D printing company Stratasys announced it was introducing a series of educational modules aimed at teaching students and educators the ins and outs of 3D printing technology. The promotion of STEM education through 3D printing tutorials has evidently caught on, as another major player in the 3D printing industry, Dremel, has officially launched its own 3D printing ecosystem, Dremel Dreams, to easily and comprehensively integrate additive manufacturing technologies into the classroom.

The Dremel Dreams program includes ten curriculum-based lesson plans, corresponding 3D model kits, and a Dremel 3D Idea Builder printer, which was specifically designed for safe use in the classroom. Each of the lesson plans was developed in collaboration with curriculum experts at Florida State University to fit as seamlessly as possible into already existing school programs.

“Using the 3D specific lesson plans when we study alternative energy gives my students the opportunity to enhance their understanding of abstract concepts,” says Susan Nichol, a teacher at Holmes Junior High School in Mt. Prospect, Illinois. “The Dremel 3D Idea Builder is a plug-and-play tool for my classroom that enables students to test and explore 3D printing as independent thinkers.”

Having a 3D printer in the class is just the first step, however, so the tutorials and model kits are imperative to introducing the technology to young students. For teachers perhaps unfamiliar with 3D printing processes and digital design, Dremel is offering a webinar training program with tutorials to help them begin to bring the technology into their classes. If any other inquiries arise about the digital 3D printing ecosystem, the company has also made one-on-one customer support available, either via telephone, Skype, online chat, or email.

The 3D printing ecosystem is not only helping to introduce students to additive manufacturing at a young age, but is also encouraging young generations to learn and educate themselves by seeing and more importantly, doing. The lesson plans devised for Dremel Dreams therefore not only get students involved with 3D printing, but also teach them about the tools, devices, or parts they might be creating, from a gear, to a geometric puzzle.

For the Dremel Dreams program, Dremel has partnered with 3D modeling software Autodesk to provide a user friendly interface for students to dive into 3D design and engineering. The modeling platform will allow students and teachers to easily navigate 3D modeling to create objects and tools to ultimately 3D print.

Dremel has also included HP’s Sprout desktop 3D scanning solution as an additional workstation so that kids can not only design objects, but 3D scan them, modify them, and 3D print them easily and efficiently.

“Partnerships with like-minded organizations, such as Autodesk and HP, enable us to deliver unparalleled STEM experience for teachers and students,” says George Velez, manager of Dremel 3D Education. “The 3D printing technology is important, but equally important are the resources and support we provide for educators.”

The Dremel Dreams lesson plans and corresponding 3D model kits come already loaded onto the Idea Builder 3D printer’s SD card, allowing for the lessons to be conducted from any SD compatible computer.

“Using 3D technology takes what we learn in class to a whole new level,” says Chaidan Leshinski, a 5th grade math teacher at Joseph Sears School. “Incorporating this type of technology into their learning allows them to make connections from what they are learning in class to the greater world around them.”

As the current young generation of students are already proving they can do incredible things with 3D printing technologies, we can only begin to imagine what they will be doing in ten to twenty years, especially as the technology becomes more and more integrated into their learning.

For more information on the Dremel Dream Program and to see it in action, check out the video below:



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