Feb 16, 2016 | By Tess

For those individuals or small businesses that want to integrate 3D printing into their lives or services but are unsure where to begin, why not draw some inspiration from Belgian design company Absolute Agency who have recently used 3D design and printing to bring a bit of joy to their clients in the new year.

Absolute Agency, which was founded in 2005 and has worked hard to bring design and brand solutions to their loyal customers, helped their clients to ring in the new year with custom designed chocolate made with the help of a 3D printed mold.

Being a design agency, the team at Absolute Agency pooled their various artistic talents and resources to create the stunning, and undoubtedly delicious Belgian chocolate bars, each emblazoned with the words, “Happy New Year”.

The text was first drawn up by Absolute Agency’s own calligraphy artist, who expertly designed what was to be imprinted on the chocolate bar. From there, the hand drawn design was turned into a 3D model which was in turn 3D printed into a chocolate mold.

Using some of Belgium’s finest chocolate—and you know that is tasty—several chocolate bars were made from the 3D printed mold, each one to be sent to a different client. Of course, being a team of designers, the Absolute Agency went all out and designed homey and charming paper sleeves for the chocolate bars, as well as custom made stamps to imprint the gift bags the chocolates were delivered in.

The chocolatey gifts, each hand wrapped and exquisitely packaged surely helped the agency’s clients take a big bite of the new year.

The Brussels, Belgium based agency has also put together and released a video which artfully details the process of creating and designing the Happy New Year chocolate bars. What is particularly illuminating about the video, and what we see everyday thanks to the DIY nature of 3D design and printing technologies, is the work and effort that goes into creating something as simple as a chocolate bar. From the initial drawings, to the 3D modeling and editing, to the chocolate molding itself, it becomes apparent, through the video, just how much love and time that was put into creating the delicious and chocolatey morsels.

If you have a bit of design knowledge and access to a 3D printer, perhaps Absolute Agency’s recent project will inspire you to spread some sweetness around.



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