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3D printed jewelry is becoming all the rage amongst makers, jewelry designers, and perhaps most importantly consumers, as the technology has allowed for a number of revolutionary advancements in the field, such as algorithmic designs, customization, and quicker prototyping. For consumers especially, being able to customize jewelry pieces without dishing out an exorbitant amount of money, has been a great added bonus.

In an effort to help show clients the benefits of 3D printing jewelry and allowing them to get involved in the designing process without necessitating CAD knowledge, Taiwan based company Elements Lab has introduced their recent product called EL Jewelry Maker.

EL Jewelry Maker, which was recently launched on Google Play, is an app that allows its users to comprehensively design and customize pieces of jewelry through an easy to use interface. Essentially, the app walks you through all the steps of customizing your jewelry, from choosing whether you want a ring or a pendant, to the size you require, to the style of your jewelry. The app has a variety of ring styles that can be chosen from as well as charms that can be added to your piece of jewelry, whether you want something cute like a bow, or more edgy like a skull. Finally, you can choose to add a gem to your piece of jewelry, and select what material you want your ring or pendant made from, such as white gold, yellow gold, or silver. Additionally, if you have an idea for your very own original design, it can be sent to EL Jewelry Maker to see whether they can turn your idea or drawing into a 3D printed pendant.

As the app lets you make jewelry out of precious metals, the manufacturing process that goes on after your custom jewelry design order is placed also requires some more traditional processes, such as casting and polishing. As  the founder of Elements Lab, Ting Tang explains, the studio, which is dedicated to promoting 3D printing technologies through applications, decided to break into the world of 3D printed jewelry specifically because the process requires the cooperation between digital makers as well as more traditional makers.

The team at Elements Lab’s Jewelry Maker demonstrated their process with a finely detailed prayer wheel pendant, which they made for a customer. The prayer wheel, which was made from silver and had the client’s initials carved into the little box, took only two weeks to complete, from the ordering process, to 3D printing the prototype, to making the jewelry, and shipping it out.

The app, which can be downloaded on Android devices for free, will be updated periodically, with new designs and features. As the initiative is still young, Elements Lab is looking for more digital and traditional makers to join their team and contribute to promoting 3D printing through jewelry design.

To get a glimpse into how the app works and how the jewelry is made, check out the videos below:



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