Mar 17, 2016 | By Tess

Is the United States’ presidential election campaign stressing you out? Are your online feeds and social media inundated with loud talking politicians? Has the name Donald Trump been sending a shiver down your spine every time it is uttered? Be assured, you are not alone, as people all over the globe are anxiously awaiting (maybe even dreading) the election that will determine which candidate becomes the President of the United States.

Though we unfortunately don’t have a 3D printed solution to the deep-reaching crisis that is manifesting in these recent political campaigns, My Mini Factory user Ricardo Salomao has created something that we think could help relieve some of the stress caused by the current presidential primaries: a 3D printed Trump Stress ball.

Perfect for squeezing, or biting, or hammering, the Trump Stress ball bears an unmistakeable resemblance to the man whose name is on everyone lips. Whether you are reading his tweets (Squeeze!), watching a debate (Squeeze!), or  involuntarily overhearing a conversation on the bus (Squeeze!), the 3D printed Trump shaped stress ball might just provide you with some form of catharsis in these trying moments.

The 3D printed Trump stress ball is available for download on Salomao’s My Mini Factory page for $9.99. For any makers interested in purchasing the 3D stress ball design and making it for themselves, Salomao recommends 3D printing it from Ninja Flex (so it can be adequately squeezed), and adjusting your print settings to 2 shells, 10% infill and a slow print speed (according the maker it should take about 200-300 minutes to print). Of course, Trump’s large head has also been scaled down to fit into your hand, as the stress ball measures a compact 61.5 x 85 x 80 mm.

Finally, do not be afraid to go to town on the 3D printed Trump Stress Ball, dig your nails into it, squeeze it, throw it! Salomao even gives his fellow makers the following advice, “For best usage hammers, walls, vises and spikes are advised.”

To see more of the London based maker’s work, check out his My Mini Factory page and his Twitter page. And, if you do happen to make your own 3D printed Trump Stress Ball, be sure to credit Salomao for his humorous, and quite frankly, ingenious work.



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