Apr 9, 2016 | By Benedict

The team of designers behind Japanese 3D printing service 3Dwave has unveiled its latest product. The Encode Ring is a personalized 3D printed ring shaped like the sound wave of the customer’s voice, created using audio data from a user-uploaded 3-second video.

Japan is known for launching daring and innovative fashion trends, and this unusual new product from the creators of 3Dwave could potentially capture the science- and fashion-loving zeitgeist of the vibrant country. The Encode Ring involves an element of personalization unlike anything we’ve seen before. Rather than personalize their rings with the initials of the wearer, as is customary with some kinds of jewelry, the creators of the Encode Ring take another personal feature—one’s voice—and turn it into a physical pattern.

Getting a 3D printed Encode Ring consists of five simple steps: Firstly, you record a video of either you or somebody else talking for three seconds. You then upload that video to the Encode Ring website, choose your color, and place the order. The designers will then use 3D modeling software to create a ring based on the sound graph of your voice in the three-second video, which they will send to you for final approval. If you’re happy with the digital design, Encode will 3D print it, before plating, polishing, and coloring it. The final (and best) step involves unwrapping your personalized Encode Ring that will come through your letterbox around one month after you place your order. Each ring is housed in a beautiful black box adorned with the company’s ribbon logo.

Whilst the idea of turning the sound of one’s voice into a physical memento is—as far as we know—an original one, 3D printing has previously been used by other jewelers to add a personal touch to an item. Dutch goldsmith Cardillac Jewelers, which has been in the business for 27 years, recently acquired an Ultimaker 3D printer for creating 3D printed “Face-to-Face” rings, shaped like the profile of the wearer or a loved one. The Encode Ring concept nicely complements that of Cardillac’s Face-to-Face rings—now we can wear both our faces and our voices on our fingers!

The 3D printed Encode Rings are available in five sizes, as well as three materials and colors: 14k gold paint, 14k rose paint, and premium silver. Each costs $300, with the company offering international shipping.



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