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If the thought of customized pieces of jewelry still makes you clutch your wallet in anxiety, you’ll be glad to know that 3D printing is gradually making bespoke jewelry items more affordable and accessible, meaning that you won’t have to break the bank to get a loved one a personal trinket or wearable. The latest in customizable 3D printed jewelry comes from Hong Kong-based company Poesis, which is seeking to raise funds for its personalized 3D printed message rings.

The message rings, which are being featured through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, are the culmination of a innovative “cyber-physical system” which allows users to enter the message they want their ring to feature, and have it subsequently printed out and sent to them.

Founded by Ken Too, a Hong Kong-based architect, Poesis is seeking to make customization viable to the masses through innovative technologies like 3D printing. As the company states on its Kickstarter page, “Our mission is to help you make your custom gifts in an easier and faster way. To achieve our goal, we developed our smart 3D printing system of mass customization based in Hong Kong.”

The 3D printed rings, which are the company’s first offering, are currently available in four styles (enchanted, endless, whisper, and loveguard) and are made from Silver 925, an international standard. If you so choose, you can also have the 3D printed rings plated with either 18K gold or rose gold.

By visiting Poesis’ website, users can easily enter their text into the 3D previewing interface and select the style of ring they want to print to see what it will look like. Whether you are making a BFF ring for a friend, or want someone’s name on the ring, what the ring says is up to you. However, depending on the ring style you choose, there are varied character maximums. For instance, the whisper ring style allows for a max of 30 characters, while the rest can only fit up to 10.

The Kickstarter campaign, which is seeking to raise only $1,000 HKD ($130 USD), is running until November 29th. According to Poesis, the company chose a very modest Kickstarter goal so that they can virtually guarantee it will be a success and backers will get their rewards. The funds from the campaign will help cover costs of new product development.

In terms of rewards, you can make a pledge as low as $189 HKD ($24 USD) for an early bird ring. Evidently, the prices vary depending on what style of ring you choose and what material you want your silver ring to be plated in, if at all. The most expensive option is the enchanted ring in 18K gold or rose gold for $699 HKD ($90 USD).

Poesis, which has already soft-launched in Hong Kong, is hoping to expand its products around the globe, so backers can have their rewards shipped just about anywhere. If the crowdfunding campaign is successful, the 3D printed customized message rings should be ready to ship out as early as December 2016, just in time for the holidays.



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