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3D printing cloud provider WhiteClouds has launched 3DyourSCAN, a service that provides life-size 3D printed models of a patient's CT/MRI scan, and which is designed to improve collaboration and education between physicians and patients. The service uses a “Hinge & Slice” modeling process.

WhiteClouds is a 3D printing business with its fingers in many pies. The company owns a massive full-color 3D printing lab in Ogden, Utah, and has explored business opportunities in 3D printed maps, 3D printed toys, and now 3D printed medical aids for physicians. This latest venture, called 3DyourSCAN, is a service that provides 3D printed medical models generated from CT or MRI scans that can then be used as educational models or surgical aids.

According to WhiteClouds, the new 3D printing service, available in 190 categories of personalized medical models, will provide new options for both doctor and patient in a number of scenarios. “3DyourSCAN will help doctors better visualize complex clinical scenarios and improve collaboration among physicians and patients, providing peace of mind,” said Jerry Ropelato, CEO of WhiteClouds, “Our mission at WhiteClouds is to continue honing and delivering groundbreaking technology in order for clinicians to provide better patient care.”

While other services and software exist for turning medical scans into 3D models, WhiteClouds believes the proprietary “Hinge & Slice” feature of 3DyourSCAN is capable of providing the most detailed patient-specific models on the market. The “Hinge & Slice” feature involves turning a complete 3D model of a body part and slicing it into cross-sections. These individual sections, which are connected by a hinge, can then easily be separated to see the “inside” of the body part.

To move the 3DyourSCAN technology even further forward, WhiteClouds has announced a partnership with TeraRecon, an advanced visualization software provider. Thanks to the collaboration, physicians will be able to order “3D Print Packs” directly from the TeraRecon software, a platform with over 4,000 installations worldwide.

“WhiteClouds' technology gives our customers instant access to 3D printing resources that would otherwise have high barriers to entry,” said Jeff Sorenson, TeraRecon President and CEO. “Clinicians have already proven 3D printing to be a useful tool as the medical industry continues to progress towards personalized healthcare. We are excited to work with WhiteClouds to not only make 3D printing accessible, but also make prints that set a new standard and are remarkable in terms of their detail and realism.”

With its advanced full-color 3D printing capabilities, WhiteClouds will provide color models where possible. Customers will be able to choose from transparent, rigid, plastic, or rubber-like materials, depending on the nature of the print. According to the company, each 3D printed model will be delivered within five days, though particularly urgent cases can receive their model in as little as 24 hours.

Several medical professionals, including  Dr. Edward P Quigley III MD Ph.D. from the University of Utah Radiology, Advanced Visualization and 3D Printing team, have already endorsed the WhiteClouds service. “If you put a 3D model of a patient in the hands of a surgeon, they immediately realize the value,” Dr. Quigley said. “It helps in the education of patient and family, training of residents and fellows, and planning surgical approaches. It is the ultimate in patient-specific imaging.”

According to a recent UPS / Consumer Technology Association (CTA) study, medical 3D printing activity makes up 15 percent of the entire additive manufacturing industry, and is expected to grow significantly.



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