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Belgian 3D printing company Materialise recently partnered with Italian automotive brand Nuova SPA to develop a 3D printed version of the latter’s Bicicletto e-bike. The new and improved Bicicletto, which is the first product unveiled through the partnership, features a number of 3D printed parts that not only make the e-bike more technologically advanced, but that help make it lighter, faster, and more cost-efficient to manufacture.

Founded in 1906, Nuova SPA is an automotive brand based in Torino, Italy. Having built its reputation on designing and manufacturing luxury and sport automobiles, the company was reborn in 2014 with an emphasis on pairing luxury with innovation. Its recent products have included a number of impressive e-bikes and electric vehicles that retain the company’s original vintage flare. Its most recent release, realized in partnership with 3D printing solutions company Materialise, is a perfect example of the marriage between technological innovation and classical design.

While we’ve seen our fair share of 3D printed e-bikes, such as ETT Industries’ Trayser bike with 3D printed replacement parts, and Noordung’s e-bike with a 3D printed power box, the Bicicletto is still one of a kind. As Julianto Imprescia, CEO of Nuova SPA, explains: “3D printing was a major contributor to our R&D process, it has made production easier, and it’s also helping us to bring down costs. Bringing Additive Manufacturing to an already-running design, like the Bicicletto, can be challenging but dedicated collaboration helped us achieve it.”

Materialise’s support, which has allowed Nuova SPA to integrate 3D printed end-use parts into the new e-bike, is just the beginning of what is expected to be a long and productive partnership. With the 3D printing specialist’s help, the Italian automotive company is hoping to optimize its offerings and offer its clients innovative and overall more effective products. According to the companies, they will continue their work together to develop new two-wheeler and four-wheeler bikes. More specifically, Nuova SPA will integrate 3D printing into its development of a new off-road electric bike and a new quadricycle.

“For additive manufacturing to bring end-use parts to a premium e-bike like this, it takes more than just 3D printing facilities,” explained Alessio Esposti, Account Manager at Materialise Italy. “It takes dedicated post-production, rigorous quality control, and in-house engineering expertise. With this collaboration, we look forward to broadening the horizons of the automotive industry through additive manufacturing.”

From Materialise’s standpoint, the fruitful partnership will offer the opportunity to challenge and surpass industry standards. Furthermore, by creating innovative end-use parts at its Certified Additive Manufacturing facility, the Belgian 3D printing company is confident it will help to bolster 3D printing within the automotive manufacturing industry by demonstrating its potential.

Photos courtesy of Nuovo SPA & Materialise



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Ben wrote at 11/30/2016 11:52:24 AM:

so with all that fancy design stuff they've forgotten the bike building basics like a proper chain tensioner?

Dave Wills wrote at 11/30/2016 3:34:48 AM:

In a market where you can get a better cruiser bike like Ariel Rider why will someone pay that much for it. Sure being a 3d printed bike is interesting. but in the end more important point is how it is not how it is manufactured from client point of view.

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