Dec 8, 2016 | By Benedict

01, an ultra-compact dimensioning instrument from Canadian startup InstruMMents Inc, can now be used as a precise 3D curve scanner. Users simply roll the pen-shaped device over 3D objects to accurately record the exact shape and size of said object.

Even at the lower end of the market, 3D scanners can be expensive—and it’s easy to see why. Not only is it difficult to construct a device that accurately captures and stitches together large amounts of visual data, many 3D scanning applications need to be incredibly precise to suit their purpose, and this takes a lot of work and high-end technology. Think of crime scenes and construction sites, both situations in which 3D scanning is regularly used to gather important 3D data: if the scanner produces even a small anomaly, the consequences (the incorrect sentencing of a criminal, the construction of an unsafe building…) could be severe.

So while it is understandable why 3D scanners can be expensive, some users just need a simple instrument to record the basic 3D structure of an object. Should they splash out on a professional 3D scanner, or is there another solution? Although primarily marketed as a next-generation alternative to a measuring tape, Montréal-based InstruMMents’ new 01 dimensioning device now has a feature that transforms it into a 3D scanner (of sorts), perfect for users who need to grab a quick and precise impression of a 3D object.

Using a proprietary gear and magnet sensor system that reads rotation and revolutions, the 01 can be used to precisely measure distances between two points—useful for laying carpets, building furniture, making clothes, and much more. Thanks to a new update, however, the pen-like instrument can also capture the precise curves of a 3D object, logging the data both in numerical terms and as CAD data which shows the exact 3D shape of the object. So while the device doesn’t capture what a 3D object looks like (in terms of its color, surface appearance, etc.), it does give a quick and accurate recording of its form. Best of all, it’s a great deal cheaper than a full-fledged 3D scanner.

The 01 launched on Indiegogo last month at a price of $149, though a cheaper, stripped-down version (the 01Go) is available for just $79. The crowdfunding campaign is already more than fully funded, having pocketed over $240,000 at the time of writing, but backers can still order their 01 dimensioning instruments through the Indiegogo page. The 3D curve scanning feature for the 01 is still being finalized, but the “Pro App” update containing the feature should be available in Spring 2017.

In InstruMMents’ own words: “01 is world’s first dimensioning instrument. Carved in aluminum, and contained within a pen, pencil, or stylus, 01 is both a serious writing instrument and a to-go dimensioning instrument.”

01 features:

  • Mag Roller with replaceable ring 
  • Bluetooth Smart System for mobile connection
  • Carved in Aluminum and Steel 
  • Pressurized, precision ink refill
  • Up to 6 months battery life

Features of 01 Lite App:

  • Capture and label multiple dimensions
  • Log with picture, notes, name
  • Share via SMS, Email, make Facebook post
  • Convert units
  • Convert scale
  • Set laser blink interval

Additional features included with 01 Pro App:

  • Capture 3D contours
  • View and spin in app
  • Log with picture, notes, dimensions
  • Share via SMS, Email etc
  • Download to CAD in key formats



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