Jan 27, 2017 | By Julia

Recent developments in 3D scanning and 3D printing technology have opened up unprecedented opportunities for growth in the medical community. Between the widespread use of CT scanning and 3D printed organs that look and feel just like the real thing, it seems undebatable that 3D scanning and 3D printing are the way of the future for doctors, surgeons, and medical researchers everywhere. 

Now, innovators at 3D Systems are continuing to pave that path. The longstanding 3D tech company has just announced a series of pivotal enhancements to its line of Virtual Reality (VR) medical training simulators.

Aimed at training surgeons and doctors, the 3D Systems line of VR technologies allows users to practice and perfect surgical procedures in an advanced VR environment. The new functionalities place trainees in a virtual operating room that is both realistic and immersive, with the goal of enabling better surgical preparation and team training.

The new 3D Systems’ Virtual Reality Operating Room (VR OR) encompasses several environmental elements that exist in an actual operating room, but were previously unavailable in most VR simulations. VR OR now includes a virtual patient, an operating room team, simulated equipment, and perhaps most impressively, realistic auditory diversions that physicians would encounter in a real-life surgery scenario.

Comprising a core component of 3D Systems’ healthcare product lineup, the new and improved VR OR is expected to provide a thorough and more effective training experience.

General Manager of Metals and Healthcare at 3D Systems Kevin McAlea has commented: "The addition of 3D virtual reality to our simulators represents the next step in advancing medical training for an enhanced immersive learning process that helps to deliver better procedural outcomes."

3D Systems’ highly focused investments in Research and Development has placed the company at the forefront of VR innovation, he said.

3D Systems has confirmed that each of its VR OR products will remain compatible with the company’s original simulators, and will be available as add-ons. While wearing a standard VR headset, trainees will simultaneously be able to use the 3D Systems simulator, providing a complete 360-degree perspective of the OR setting. 3D Systems reports that this enhanced training experience will help surgeons-in-training develop coping strategies for the distractions and stresses faced in actual procedures.

First up for release in the VR OR product line is the LAP Mentor VR. 3D Systems will be demonstrating the new release on the LAP Mentor Hernia Module at the upcoming 2017 International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare in Orlando, Florida. 3D Systems will be at booth #401 from January 28th to February 1st. The company promises that a sizeable array of other healthcare products will also be on display at the conference, including hands-on simulation training, products for surgical planning, as well as several 3D printed anatomical models and surgical guides.



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