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Music lovers will know that sound is of the utmost importance when it comes to choosing speakers, but if cool aesthetics can be worked in, why not opt for the most stylish set? Los Angeles startup Alienology Audio is aiming to bridge the gap between good quality and stylish speakers with its new 3D printed T3TRA speakers. The colorful and compact speakers are being featured in a Kickstarter campaign, which launched last week.

Alienology Audio introduces its product by saying “We present a small but mighty speaker that is dutifully designed to meet your visual aesthetic needs and deliver quality sound.” At least on the visual front, we’d have to agree. The small tetrahedron-shaped speaker combines a contemporary sleek structure with retro and fun colors, such as red, green, and orange.

According to the L.A. design company, the T3TRA speakers were manufactured with the help of 3D printing technologies. More specifically, SLS 3D printing was used to manufacture speaker’s main structural frame all in one piece. Being able to print the frame in a single piece allowed the T3TRA’s designers to maintain a uniform density for the speaker’s structure, which in turn helped to improve its loudspeaker sound. The rest of the speaker is made up of laser-cut panels made from high-grade birch plywood.

The speaker’s shape is also notable in terms of function, as the simple tetrahedral shape allows for a clean sound to be emitted. As the startup explains, “Standing waves are diminished by eliminating parallel sides and edge diffraction is reduced by having rounded corners and fewer sides. All corners are treated to absorb vibration.” The speaker portion of the T3TRA consists of a magnetically shielded, 3” full range speaker driver with an aluminum concave membrane. This last feature helps the T3TRA maintain its lightweight properties.

Through its crowdfunding campaign, Alienology Audio is offering two versions of its T3TRA speaker: the T3TRA ACTIVE, which comes with a built-in 20W amplifier and bluetooth connectivity; and the T3TRA CLASSIC, a pair of the speakers just without amplification. Customers also have the option of selecting T3TRA ACTIVE STEREO, which includes two speakers, one equipped with an amplifier, and a connecting cable. If you already have a trusted amplifier at home, you can always pair it with the T3TRA speakers.

As a bonus for the conscious consumer, the T3TRA speakers’ 3D printed parts are made locally, and the speakers are assembled by hand and tested in Los Angeles, California. “We build each speaker with the utmost care, the old fashioned way, making sure every unit is perfect. These are truly made to last,” says Alienology.

Alright, let’s get to the rewards. Early bird backers have the chance to get a T3TRA ACTIVE speaker for a pledge of $155, a pair of T3TRA CLASSIC speakers for $235, or the T3TRA ACTIVE STUDIO set for $295. Currently, a few early bird deals remain, though when they expire the three products will go for $165, $245, and $315, respectively. These prices are still marginally cheaper than what the retail prices are expected to be. Alienology Audio, which is hoping to raise $2,500, has so far raised nearly $900.



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