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Japanese artist Akinori Goto, who is known for his stunning 3D printed and light-based art installations, has been given a platform at this year’s SXSW to display his innovative work. There, Goto will be showcasing an installation called Toki.

Toki is comprised of three moving light sculptures, so to speak, each created using an intricately designed 3D printed mesh sculpture and light projection. Goto, who has experience working in stop-motion animation, developed the innovative and striking technique over time and is currently awaiting a patent for the process.

As part of the process, Goto first designs a 2D time axis made up of individual frames. His pieces, which depict such things as a figure walking or a dancer dancing, function similarly to a zoetrope, an early pre-film animation device that simulates movement by spinning a slitted drum over a sequence of still images. Unlike the zoetrope, however, which uses two dimensional still images, Goto’s technique turns the 2D time axis into a complex 3D mesh sculpture.

Goto generates a 3D printable drum-shaped structure based on his 2D frames, which when spun and projected with light, creates the illusion of a moving or dancing figure, depending on which piece it is. As you can see in the video demo of his art, the result is ethereal and enchanting.

At SXSW (an annual series of film, music, art, and media festivals and conferences in Austin, Texas), Goto will be showcasing three of his moving light sculptures. Two of them have already been exhibited elsewhere, but the third will be debuted at SXSW. According to the artist, the new piece is made up of 24 sculptures, each of which represents an hour of the day. The piece, which by nature deals with time and movement, emphasizes these themes even more.

As Goto says on the SXSW website, “This piece is a sculpture of time. By physically depicting the invisible concept of time, I am able to more clearly express the relationship between time and movement, and can attempt to capture the beauty and nature of time itself.”

Akinori Goto’s Toki installation is being exhibited in a dark room so that visitors can get the full effect of seeing his pieces come to life through light. According to the SXSW website, his work will be on display at the JW Marriott (room 306) in Austin, Texas.

Goto’s work was previously exhibited at the Spiral Independent Creators Festival in Tokyo, where it took home the Runner-up Grand Prix and the Audience Award.



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