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Over recent years, 3D printing chocolate has transformed from a gimmicky technology to a fully marketable manufacturing process for high-quality chocolates. And while Godiva might not be gift wrapping 3D printed edibles anytime soon, startups have popped up around the globe which are using 3D printing to make unique and mouth-watering chocolates.

The latest in chocolate 3D printing is coming out of the French Riviera, where three individuals, Thibaut, Olivier, and Edouard, co-founded Les 3Dandies, a gourmet 3D printed chocolate startup that was inspired by none other than Willy Wonka, the eccentric candy maker from Roald Dahl’s famous children’s book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Like Wonka, Les 3Dandies founders were determined to offer special chocolates, unlike any you can find at a standard shop.

Les 3Dandies, which launched in January, offers its clients customized, specially designed 3D printed chocolates made from quality, fair-trade, and organic chocolate. Whether you’re looking for a chocolate bar or a box of chocolates, Les 3Dandies has lots to offer.

As the French startup explains on its website, it uses two complementary 3D printing technologies: traditional 3D printing to make custom molds in which they can make chocolates, and chocolate 3D printing which is used to make unique, more complex chocolate designs. Currently, however, the chocolate 3D printing technology is quite slow, taking about 40 minutes to make a 5 x 5 cm chocolate.

Through the startup’s website, customers can not only order 3D printed chocolates, but customize them in terms of design, chocolate type, and size. The customization feature could be very useful for special events such as weddings or corporate events. The marketing potential is also plain as day.

In addition to the customizable chocolates, Les 3Dandies has also featured a number of boxed chocolate collections, including a set inspired by atomic structures, and one called “Partie de Plaisir.” These are listed as costing €24.90 and €19.90, respectively.

Les 3Dandies is one of several startups that is using 3D printing to create unique and delectable chocolate treats. What sets the startup apart from many others, however, is the extent to which they are using the technology. Not only using it to make molds, they are also putting an emphasis on chocolate that has actually been printed.

Currently, the Les 3Dandies team consists of its founders, Thibaut, Olivier, and Edouard, as well as Marie, a chocolatier trained at Lenôtre; and Florian, a product designer from ENSCI. Les 3Dandies is reportedly working on a special Easter collection of 3D printed chocolates, which we can’t wait to see (and maybe even taste!).



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