Apr 26, 2017 | By Tess

3D printing company EOS has partnered with 3D model analysis company 3YOURMIND to launch its new AM Part Identifier. Also known as AMPI, the new tool allows companies to scan their existing part inventories to find out which of their existing components are best suited for 3D printing.

AMPI, which was recently presented at Hannover Messe, the world’s largest industrial fair, is geared towards helping companies transition into additive manufacturing in a way that is beneficial to their business and optimized for the products they make. Both EOS and 3YOURMIND say their new offering can “guarantee a profitable transition into Industry 4.0.”

3YOURMIND is a Germany-based company that specializes in developing programs that analyze and optimize 3D models before printing, specifically for the industrial sector. With much experience in the field, 3YOURMIND realized that companies seeking to adopt 3D printing were still facing some big challenges, namely determining which existing parts would best be suited for additive manufacturing.

“Leading producers are managing part inventories with components numbering in the 100,000s with 2,000-4,000 new parts coming online each month,” explains 3YOURMIND. “Determining which of these components are suitable for industrial 3D printing is done via manual part analysis or expensive third-party reviews of inventories.”

To overcome this hurdle, 3YOURMIND partnered with German 3D printing solutions company EOS to develop a tool that would enable companies to “digitize the analysis process,” thus making it easier to determine which parts would be most optimally 3D printed.

Fabian Krauß, Business Development Manager at EOS, said: “For several years we have helped our customers to identify the most suitable parts for industrial 3D printing. We are very pleased to see that thanks to our cooperation with 3YOURMIND an automated software solution now enables a faster part identification than ever before.”

To use AMPI, businesses simply need to enter some basic information about parts in their inventory that need to be produced, and the program will then scan the inventory database to determine which of them should be 3D printed. The tool reportedly leverages over “10 years of experience from additive manufacturing experts,” which allows it to make highly informed part analyses. The tool is designed to help companies save both time and money while adopting 3D printing technologies.

Leading companies who manage large volumes of both new and legacy parts can also benefit from AMPI, as the program can be linked up with their component databases. This feature allows for real-time updates and reports whenever a new component is added or an update is made to the 3D printing technology in question.

Stephan Kühr, CEO of 3YOURMIND, commented on the new analysis tool, saying: “The mission of 3YOURMIND is to facilitate the simple implementation of professional additive manufacturing for companies of all sizes. The AM Part Identifier ensures that optimal production can begin right away with cost and time savings to ensure that the possibilities of AM become a core part of their business model.”

Companies that are interested in using and benefitting from the Additive Manufacturing Part Identifier can request early access to the tool via 3YOURMIND’s website.



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