Jul 3, 2017 | By Tess

I3D Innovation, a 3D printer manufacturer based in Le Hézo, France, has announced it will soon be launching a new 3D printer extruder and 1.75 mm filament head. The new extruder system will be available through a Kickstarter campaign.

Earlier this year, I3D Innovation released a new line of industrial FDM 3D printers, which included the XL-sized Multi 512 and XXL-sized Multi 600 3D printers. What we didn’t anticipate was the French 3D printer company releasing another 3D printing product so soon!

According to I3D Innovation, which was founded by father-and-son team Jean-Luc and Ludovic Bodet, it has been working on the new 3D printer extrusion system for the past two years. Consisting of a new extruder and 1.75 mm filament head, the new tool reportedly offers a more powerful and reliable system than what currently exists on the market.

30 mm head (above); 50 mm head (below)

Compatible with most filaments (including PLA, ABS, Nylon PC, PEEK, and ULTEM) as well as any FDM 3D printer, the extrusion system is made from aluminum and has demonstrated print speeds of up to 60 mm per second. Additionally, the I3D Innovation extruder incorporates a filament drive system that is specially designed to reduce the risk of clogging.

The extrusion system, which has been tested over the past year on I3D Innovation’s Multi 340 and Multi 512 3D printers, comes in two sizes: one that is 30 mm long (for more precise prints), and one that is 50 mm long (which is better suited for fast printing). The 3D printer accessory can reach temperatures of up to 480°C and the print head and extruder combo are also capable of printing up to 240 grams per hour.

Bowden mounting (above); Direct mounting (below)

The print head was designed to be mounted either using the Direct approach or the Bowden approach. In other words, it can be mounted on pretty much any standard extruder. The nozzle, for its part, is designed to avoid any plastic leakage, and if needed can be taken apart using a needle screw tool.

The new 3D printer extrusion system by I3D Innovation is expected to launch through a Kickstarter campaign later this month, as the startup is hoping to raise 16,000 euros to make its extrusion products a reality. The French company is also promising two year warranties for its extrusion tools.

The company also says its new extrusion system will be mounted on all its own 3D printer products. If you’re interested in learning more about I3D Innovation’s new extruder and filament head, you’ll have to wait until the Kickstarter launches. We’ll be sure to be checking up on its progress after launch.



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kr_ wrote at 7/8/2017 2:19:37 PM:

You don't tell in the article, but it looks like it has water cooling. 60 mm/s is surprisingly slow. 200 mm/s isn't a problem for my Chinese E3D and homemade direct drive extruder...

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