Dec 1, 2017 | By Tess

Polish 3D printer company Zortrax has announced the release of three new 3D printing materials for its Inventure 3D printing platform: Z-ULTRAT Plus, Z-SEMIFLEX, and Z-SUPPORT Plus.

Zortrax Inventure 3D printer and DSS Station

Much to our excitement, Zortrax released its long awaited Inventure 3D printer this past June after years of development. The machine was unveiled at the company’s “Zortrax Experience Conference” held in in Olsztyn, Poland.

With a closed HEPA-equipped chamber, dual extrusion capabilities, and an accompanying DSS station used for dissolving supports, the Inventure 3D printer had promise but with only two compatible materials, Z-PETG and Z-PLA, it was a bit lacking in terms of material diversity.

That is not the case anymore, as Zortrax has developed and released three new materials for its Inventure 3D printer: Z-ULTRAT Plus, Z-SEMIFLEX, and Z-SUPPORT Plus. With five materials to choose from now, Inventure 3D printer users will be better equipped to print all types of parts and models.

Let’s take a closer look at the new materials on offer, starting with Z-ULTRAT Plus. Zortrax says the new 3D printing material is based on an ABS compound which is common in 3D printing materials and used for producing building block toys. Z-ULTRAT Plus is therefore a good material for 3D printing prototypes, parts, or models that require durability and precision.

The company also notes that its Z-ULTRAT Plus 3D printing filament has demonstrated good temperature resistance (over 90 °C), as well as a low shrinkage rate, and has a high index for layer adhesion.

The second material, Z-SEMIFLEX, is a material made from TPU 98A and is notable for its high temperature resistance and elastic properties. More specifically, the company says Z-SEMIFLEX has shown resistance to temperatures over 130 °C and has good resistance to tearing, impact, and abrasion thanks to its flexibility.

Zotrax also adds that Z-SEMIFLEX has a low risk of shrinkage and has good chemical and oil resistance. The material is reportedly well suited for manufacturing prototypes and parts that require “intensive testing.”

The third material, Z-SUPPORT Plus, if you hadn’t guessed is a support material. Fittingly (to go with the DSS station), the material is fully soluble in water and should not require any manual interaction. The support material, which is compatible with both Z-ULTRAT Plus and Z-SEMIFLEX, enables users to reliably create complex parts with such features as cavities and overhangs.

With the addition of these three 3D printing materials, Zortrax has significantly expanded applications for its Inventure 3D printer, as users can now benefit from its dual extrusion capabilities with the support material, and can print parts with specific material properties, such as durability and stiffness, or flexibility.

The two existing Inventure materials, Z-PETG and Z-PLA, are characterized by their high chemical and oil resistance, and high precision for details and biodegradability, respectively.



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