Feb.1, 2012

electro wire stripper 3d printingThingiverse user Brian Beebe has designed an "Electro Wire Stripper", a wire stripper that can precisely give feedback telling when you have cut through the insulation deep enough. What he uses are an LED, resistor, 2 razor blades, two small batteries and some screws. When the blades cut through the insulation and come into contact with the wire, it completes the circuit and the LED is turned on.


  • Sight down the blades.
  • Align the blades with where the wire should be stripped.
  • Move the wire into the blades having the blades cut into the insulation.
  • When the blades cut through the insulation and contact the wire the LED will light.
  • Spin the wire or the tool to cut the insulation completely around the wire.
  • Remove the wire from the tool and pull off the insulation.

electro wire stripperThis design is clever and handy. Download the .stl file on Thingiverse, 3D print and follow the installation instruction - you will get one of the best wire strippers you have ever used.

electro wire stripper

Via Thingiverse & makerbot

Posted in 3D Printing Applications


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