Feb.3, 2012

3d printed soap dispenser

Thingiverse user emmett had to get creative because his girlfriend challenged him to make a cool hand soap dispenser. He designed, printed, and shared this Moineau soap dispenser. It is a useful item and a fun and easy gift to make with a 3D printer.

This Moineau soap dispenser includes a pump body, a rotor and a crank. First download the 3D model file on Thingiverse and print out each part. To install , simply twist the crank onto the rotor and slide the rotor all the way down into the pump body.

3d printed soap dispenser

This design can avoid too much waste from dispensing more soap than necessary. Turn the crank clockwise, soup can be pumped up and spill from the spout. Get the desired amount of soep on your finger and the rest of the soap flows back into a hole in the bottle.

3d printed soap dispenser

This Moineau soap dispenser looks lovely indoors or out. You can view and download project file on Thingiverse. who knew it would be so easy to make a handy soap dispenser!


images credit: emmett

Source: Thingiverse

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