Mar.22, 2012

Ryan Robinson launched his Maxifab 3D Printing framework on Kickstarter on Mar.16, 2012 and he has 10 backers up to now. When you first look at it you will think, it is similar to the design of Ultimaker. But it has very different mechanics, it was designed to have multifunction parts. For example, there are only two parts that make up the "upper gantry support" but each part functions both as a structural corner support for the case as well as a mounting point for key printer components. Named as 3D Printing framework, Maxifab is more flexible than a 3D printer kit, because the plastics, motors, electronics, bearings, etc are all reusable.

The idea behind it is a revolution. While all the existing 3D printer has a fixed build envelope size Robinson wants to revolutionize it to reuse of the core components to build different size printers with various build envelopes.

That means, you can use Maxifab framework to configure a 3D printer to have any size your want. It can not only save investment into the mechanical parts, but also you can be creative with your build of the printer and the expandable nature of the framework allows you to make bigger things so your creativity really has no limits.

It is based on a set of plastics that hold core functionality and the end user supplies the walls (the walls dimensions dictate build area). Its designed to be easy to build, with a low part count.

Plus this design uses the increasingly popular floating printhead xy gantry design while the build platform moves only in the z axis. The low weight print head (thanks to a remotely mounted filament feed drive) allows for faster prints. This combination should equate to high speed, highly accurate prints and with its .35mm nozzle high resolution as well.

Robinson is finalizing his design. If you want to support the project check out the kickstarter page. Or follow more design details and a overview of the Maxifab on Maxifab blog.

Photos credit: Maxifab

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