Jun.23, 2012

(Credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft worked in a secret on its Surface tablet, though there were rumours about it but nobody has got any details. Up to this moment, it is still not fully revealed. Microsoft has a large complex, called The Garage, which is fully equipped with 3D printers, laser cutters and injection moulding machines for designing new products.

The website Techradar describes some details about this underground bunker with no windows where whole team had to work and the mystery surrounding it. Even their own hardware partners were completely surprised by the presentation of the new tablet early this week, the Surface tablet.

(Prototypes for Surface tablet | Credit: Techradar)

Microsoft has experiences with such security as data centers where cloud services like Office 365 running, complete with armed guards and biometric access authentication. Doors will be opened one by one, so nobody can sneak in behind a staff.

The design team used 3D printers, laser cutters and injection moulding machines to quickly produce models to check how it looks and feels. They have designed and 3D printed large numbers of prototypes "to get the size, shape and arrangement right to testing the performance of the Wi-Fi antennas."

"We care about the bigger idea, but also the smallest detail," Bathiche said; "it takes iteration to make great devices and each time we made one of those revisions [Surface] got better and better."

3D Printing is helping Microsoft revolutionize the technology industry. Karsten Aagaard, user experience designer in Microsoft, explains how they utilize the 3D printer to print out a wrench in 35 minutes and a mouse in 3 hours using different materials. As you can see from the video below filmed inside Microsoft's 3D printing model shop, they use 2 Objet Eden 3D printers and a Objet Connex500 to rapid prototype Microsoft's future products. These in-house 3D printers produce parts in real time helping Microsoft develop the most innovative products to date and achieve a competitive advantage.


Source: Techradar via Webwereld

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