Sep.3, 2012

In 2011 product designer Johanna Spath and Johannes Tsopanides established design studio SHAPES iN PLAY. Rapid Prototyping technology allows them to add more emotional value to their products design. They design systems and platforms which allow the users to develop their own designs by providing input like personal information, behavior, sound or movement.

Here are some nice projects developed by SHAPES iN PLAY using 3D printing technology.

1. InfObjects

InfObjects is a three-dimensional infovisualisation within the topic of food. It uses generative design to visually represent the data of food such as the CO² equivalent, the energy content, the ingredients and even price of dishes.

InfObjects consists of a plate, a bowl and a mug. Their shape and functionality are decided by the values of food. To better demonstrate the single ingredients and their data the pieces are subdivided in segments.

The values of foods are parametrically visualized in shapes. A high content of energy causes the growth of small roots on the outer surface of the object; the CO² equivalent is illustrated by ozone-holes; the price of ingredient can cause the edge of a segment rising. The more CO² is produced the more holes could appear on the tableware.

Designers say InfObjects are not intended to be objects of utility. They rather have the function to raise awareness for the topic of how food is produced and consumed.

The project is programmed with an open source software called Processing and manufactured via Rapid Manufacturing using laser sintered Polyamide.

2. Cloudspeaker

Cloudspeaker is loudspeakers with 3D printed body that reflect the musical taste of their owner.

When a user listens to music over the computer, most played music and a 10sec frequency spectrum of the 33 favorite songs are saved and evaluated. Data is then parametrically transformed into 3D shapes.

To evaluate the tags all common music styles are categorized within the following parameters: loud-silent; calm-vivid; and soft-hard. On a scale from 0-10 they parametrically build the speaker body. As an example of the possible shapes the speakers can take on three objects representing metal, pop and ambient oriented music profiles were generated.


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Images credit: SHAPES iN PLAY

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