Sep.2, 2012

A while ago Instructables user fred27 made a tutorial on how to create your own custom discs that works with the Fisher Price toy record player. If you grew up in the mid-70s or 80s you will recognize this toy - it is a simplified version of a real record player, but for kids. Technology has moved on but fred27 found a nice way to merge old technology with new one.

In his previous version a CNC milling machine is needed for creating these custom discs, unfortunately not many of us have access to that. So fred27 decided to create a 3D printed version. All you need for this new version is some free software and an access to a 3D printer.

He has even created a custom app that let you edit your tune and preview it, that means you can create whatever music you want on the disk. Once you have finished your music piece you simply click "Build / Create SCAD file..." in the software and it will create a SCAD file.

Using the free OpenSCAD software you can zoom in/out and see how your disc will look. OpenSCAD can then generate a STL file ready for 3D printer.

For printing the disc your 3D printer or RepRap should be able to manage a print of about 12.1cm (about 4.8") in diameter. Here are some 3D printed Fisher-Price record-player disc samples made on different machines.

(images credit: fred27)

The purple is a Fisher Price original and the orange one is from fred27's CNC milling machine. The other discs are 3D printed on an Objet 3D printer in green ABS-like material and transparent "Vero clear" plastic. The both play well on the player, although the Vero clear has sharper definition than the ABS and the transparent disc definitely looks the best.

Follow fred27's full tutorial on instructables here and have fun with your masterpiece - this is definitely a brilliant project demonstrating what 3D printing is capable to do.

The video below shows a Fisher Price toy record player from the 1970s playing a custom CNC milled record.


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