Nov.23, 2012

A group of professional mechanical engineers at Intelligent Machine Inc. in Taiwan launched Metalbot, a metal 3D printer and a RepRap transformer.

We bought two Reprap 3D printer to print some gears and frame for Arduino, and it was not easy to assemble and use it. So we decided to reengineering the RepRap to be a more durable and easy to use 3D printer.

Metalbot is an assembled RepRap compatible Metal 3D printer. It has rigid aluminum alloy XYZ struture using durable linear bearing. The metal gear extruder and nozzle are all made to be compatible with RepRap 3D printer.

The specifications:

  • Build envelope: 195 x 195 x 160 mm
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm
  • Layer thickness: 0.25 mm
  • Speed (mm/s): 30 mm
  • Positioning precision: 0.0125 mm
  • Software:Marlin
  • Power supply:120-240V
  • Weight (kg):8 Kg

The fully assembled Metalbot has a price tag of US$990, including a 1.3kg 3.0mm ABS reel, USB to micro USB cable. The lead time is 1 week.

The shop sells also assembled parts for your RepRap 3D printer at home. For example $180 metal extruder(include nozzle and motor) which can be used to replace your old ABS RepRap extruder; or $70 0.4 mm diameter nozzle installed with temperature sensor and heater - you can find more information on Metalbot's site.

Watch the video below the Metalbot in action - printing a ball bearing.


Images credit: imprint3D


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