Feb.12, 2013

DeltaMaker, the latest 3D printer on Kickstarter, has reached its funding goal of $107,000 on Feb.6. DeltaMaker's Kickstarter campaign was launched on January 24, 2013, in two weeks the company had raised over $95,000. Up to now the company has totally raised $115,103, still 16 days to go until the campaign ends.

DeltaMaker announced today that they are able to move the project to the production phase. In addtion, the company has hired Charlotte-based digital marketing experts, Command Partners, to carry out all online marketing initiatives.

DeltaMaker has a very clean and elegant design, it is not the cheapest, but well affordable for most people. The delta robot design, with three sets of parallel arms connected to a central platform, enables printing of objects at high resolution without the speed limitations imposed by traditional 3D printer designs.

"A 3D printer doesn't have to look like a microwave oven," says Zack Monninger, one of the four founders of DeltaMaker. "…so we created a 3D printer that runs faster, looks better and is just more fun to watch. The DeltaMaker prints big and it prints fast!"

Currently, the DeltaMaker can be purchased on Kickstarter for a discounted price of $1,599 ($1,499 for students and teachers). Once the Kickstarter campaign ends, the printer will retail for $1,999.

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