April 5, 2013

The 1st annual Midwest RepRap Festival in Elkhart Indiana was held from March 15-17, 2013. This is the first 3D printer event held in central America that hackers and makers gathered around and showed off their machines and cool stuff.

This event featured build-events for the SeeMeCNC Rostock MAX and MakersToolWorks MendelMax 2.0, guest speakers such as JohnnyR from UltiMachine.com, Josef Prusa (RepRap Core Developer) talking about the state of RepRep etc.

To get more information on the opensource 3D printing movement, Gavilan Steinman traveled to Elkhart Indiana and interviewed core developers and users of the technology, as well as kids who are growing up with the technology.

You might want to check out the festival and what the RepRapers think about 3D printing, here are some of them filmed in the video:

Gerrit Coetzee, founder of repables.com
Johnny Russell, founder of UltiMachine
Sonny Mounicou, os1r1s
Alex & Jacob Franke, theFrankes.com
Josef Prusa, RepRap core developer
Russ Reese, Maker
Jeff Mcalvay, founder of Board Forge

There were also many experienced RepRappers there to help others fix and tune 3D printers and help with troubleshoot issues. Their goal was to work together to create the ultimate opensource 3D printer. Watch the video below:


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