May.4, 2013

U.S. Company Terawatt Industries launched an open-source 3D printer PrismX on Kickstarter.

Based on the open-source Prism Mendel published by Buback in 2011, the PrismX features 4-motor design, belt-driven z-axis and rigid aluminum frame. It is scalable and can be replicated and modified.

Technical specifications:

  • Technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) using 1.75 mm ABS and PLA filament.
  • 100-micron layer resolution capability; 150-200 microns optimal with 0.5mm nozzle.
  • Build envelope: 8.5" x 8.25" x 8" (215mm x 210mm x 200mm) = approx. 550 cubic inches. For MendelMax Upgrade kits add 20mm to X & Y, 10mm to Z.
  • Heated build platform
  • Open source software tool chain: Pronterface, Slic3r, Marlin, etc.
  • RAMPS 1.4 with Marlin Firmware customized for PrismX.
  • Touch-Screen (optional add-on)
  • Noctua cooling fans. 80mm for RAMPS/Freaduino; 20mm for the hotend.

A complete PrismX 3D printer kit costs $1,195 on Kickstarter, and you can also choose a fully assembled PrismX for $1,795. Check out the details here.

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Anna Zhang wrote at 8/28/2015 8:12:03 AM:

i want to know your company still sell 3D printer or not. because i have some business and i want to built a relationship with your company. if anyone see this message please contact me. E-mail: skype :Anna Creatbot

Free Beachler wrote at 5/12/2013 5:21:01 PM:

The PrismX leads the competition in terms of performance, and its print quality is amongst the best. We spent a good part of last week printing at layer heights much below 100 micron (0.01mm) and its repeatability is second to none. I don't use materials like wood in our 3D printers and the components on the PrismX are deluxe. The machine is built to last for years, to be upgraded and expanded, not to be obsolete in the next 6 months like every other 3D printer. This is the first time I've heard somebody claim a Makerbot is faster than the PrismX - I'd love to see proof! Some of the machines it's being compared to here have 50-80% of the build volume of the PrismX. PrismX prints things big, accurate, and fast.

Johan van de Erve wrote at 5/6/2013 8:24:01 PM:

Dear, We are looking for manufacturing companies 3D printers, is it possible to become your distributor, the Netherlands and Europe. We Re more tha. 75 years in model making in dental,medical, automotive, industrial, hobby and more Please advise us

Javier A wrote at 5/6/2013 11:37:09 AM:

@James Rivera or anybody else out there, It seems like you know your stuff. At least you know much more than me about this subjedt. Let me ask you, What 3d printer do you think would work well for somebody like me who designs jewelry. The idea is to get my feet wet first with something that is not top of the line but still works for my purposes. Thanks in advance for your help. Javier

Pazu wrote at 5/6/2013 2:39:48 AM:

I agree. It's got some interesting design integrated but hardly worth the price. And Kapton tape on bed? That's so 2011.

James Rivera wrote at 5/4/2013 10:45:33 PM:

I don't understand why people keep coming out with such expensive 3D printers when there are already more established versions of fully assembled ones. Add $200 and you can get a fully built Makerbot Replicator 1 with DUAL extrusion. Both the fully assembled Solidoodle 3rd gen or Printrbot LC are $799. And in kit form the Printrbot PLus v2 (larger build platform than the LC) is also $799. And near as I can tell, tehy will all print with about the same accuracy and speed (except perhaps the Makerbot, which might be a wee bit faster).

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