May.23, 2013

The new 3D printer from botObjects is said to be the first in the world to perform full color 3D prints on a desktop. The ProDesk3D is also claimed to be capable of printing to 25 micron layer accuracy. But this device has given the public a "too good to be true" feel because not much information was given out on their technical specifications, and the creators haven't shown any prints, but just 3d renderings of the case of the printer.

Today BotObjects has updated their website and released specifications of ProDesk3D 3D printer. They have also posted some images of the items which it claims were printed on their new full color 3D printer. "We wanted show you the smoothness of finish and the gorgeous colours you can create for your models." says BotObjects.

"The vase was printed at 150mm per second, yet the ProDesk3D can print up to 175mm per second - lightning pace with stunning results." notes BotObjects. Also posted are images of a mutil-coloured bi-pedal robot and a colorful recorder for music.

Meanwhile BotObjects has also introduced its ProDesk3D Blue limited edition, with exterior finish in blue. "Only a few ProDesk3D's will be made in this gorgeous color. This product will also come with 2 additional 5-color cartridges and 2 additional support material cartridges." explained BotObjects.

And you can now even pre-order the ProDesk3D 3D printer (orange) for an early order price of $2,849 (RRP $3,429), and ProDesk3D Blue for $3,349 (RRP $3,749).

However up to now we still haven't seen any photos or videos of the machine operating, and the example objects showed above look so much like 3D renders. This might be a genuine project, but its marketing strategy is pretty unusual. Let's wait for more exciting news from BotObjects, and we hope with cross fingers that everything would end up right.

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CB wrote at 8/26/2013 12:59:05 PM:

Does not look like renders, but to much make up in photoshop makes you wonder about them.

dan wrote at 7/27/2013 11:38:07 PM:

hi! i am looking in forums for an answer, dont really know how 3d printers are working (how i can import datas for example from a 3d scan or from an object and reprint it), but interested in buying one which can print 2 colors. dont really need more. can u advice me one, which is recommendable and not too expensive or big? thank u for the help!

What wrote at 5/26/2013 2:01:28 PM:

I've been rending things for too many years to not see an obvious ray-traced render. What a joke. Does anyone know who runs this company and if they'll have legal recourse when they run with the money?

cmetzel (Chris Metzel) wrote at 5/24/2013 11:47:03 PM:

My little vase is famous. I'm so proud of it. I never even printed it because I didn't like how it looked, but I threw it on thingiverse anyway.

Mr. Konstrukt wrote at 5/24/2013 8:59:28 AM:

The pictures are rendered. Here's the proof: compare the orange color of the floral vase print with the floral vase render in the screenshot of their software on their website--the colors match perfectly. How is a real world print going to have the same reflection, lighting, and color of a render unless it is a render too. As for print speed it's 150 sbm (150 suckers born every minute).

Robert Silvers wrote at 5/24/2013 3:36:11 AM:

The robot does not look real. They are all obvious renders. Does this look real to you? I rendered it in Solidworks and entered a rendering contest with it six years and three months ago:

sergevi wrote at 5/24/2013 12:58:17 AM:

as you say : "pretty unusual" :) welcome to 90's style 3d rendering . They should know you can have much more realistic 3d rendering actually.. even in blender :) The little problem i see is that they accept orders !! by phone!! .. I would build a scam i would do like this ( but with better pics :)

Elijah Post wrote at 5/23/2013 11:50:50 PM:

Can't say I'm impressed by the touting of the term "Proprietary" in the tech specs. Can't say anyone in the RepRap community would be either. I can say that it's weird that they are announcing a new edition of their printer before we've even the first one.

eagleApex wrote at 5/23/2013 10:01:13 PM:

Down with vaporware!

Dean Piper wrote at 5/23/2013 9:42:46 PM:

Yeah, those pictures are clear fakes. The robots feet, the vase. Looks like it's still nothing more than hype.

JD901 wrote at 5/23/2013 9:35:12 PM:

You too can show interest in buying a rendering! I guess any sucker that knocks on their door deserves to be fleeced. However, please don't post product announcements that are renderings. I don't think these people deserve any free advertisement.

Bart wrote at 5/23/2013 5:50:00 PM:

This page uses this stock image. Just saying ... they know how to 'shop

Bart wrote at 5/23/2013 5:04:33 PM:

Regardless if the images are fake or real, they look fake so they have taken a step backwards in believably. They need a video, hand held parts or even a crappy cell phone picture in a real world setting.

Bill C wrote at 5/23/2013 3:54:01 PM:

The pics are doctored if not renders. The vase looks fake if nothing else. Shadow for the plants no shadow for the vase and an odd looking reflection added.

Ben Malouf wrote at 5/23/2013 3:20:01 PM:

Vase is a render, feet of robot are rendered, recorder is at least heavily photoshopped. These guys just lost any chance of credibility with me until I see the machine printing as advertised.

Joe Larson wrote at 5/23/2013 2:22:20 PM:

Those example objects don't look like renders to me, but it does look like all they've done is switched filament mid-print. That's hardly what I would call "full color". And there is not a mention or example of the PVA printing they promised. This was severely over sold and under-delivered in my opinion.

2robotguy wrote at 5/23/2013 2:15:37 PM:

The Pictures Look rendered. Also 150mm a second? Do you mean 150 microns a second?

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