Jul.7, 2013

3D printing makes it incredibly easy to crank out new parts for cameras, but intructables user Léo Marius (aka Bozardeux) has managed to build an entire 3D printable and full operational camera.

The OpenReflex is an Open-Source analog camera with a mirror Viewfinder and an awesome finger activated mechanic shutter (running ~ 1/60°s). What's more, it's compatible with any photographic lens.


All the pieces easily printable on an recent RepRap-like ABS 3D-printer without using support material! Everything should print in less than 15h and anyone should be able to assemble it within 1h.


All parts are separate ( Film receiver, Shutter and Viewfinder ) to simplify builds and modifications.


The source files are available under the CreativeCommon By-Sa license, fell free to modify them if you want a new feature, and don't forget to share your improvements on the web ;)

The OpenReflex includes a film receiver, a shutter, and a viewfinder. The film receiver will carry the film (35mm) and the Shutter will expose your film at around 1/60°s. The viewfinder allows you to mount your lens and make a preview of your framing and focus.

To make the camera you need a 3D-printer, a Vinyl cutter or Laser cutter, a glass cutter as well as screwdrivers, glasspaper, Sugru, screw and bolts that you can easily get from local hardware store. All parts can be printed on a desktop 3D printer and then be snapped together. Below are some of the steps to load a film:

The camera is fully functional and performs very well, check out the test pictures below:

The OpenReflex currently works with a hand activated sliding window. But Bozardeux encourages everyone to copy and improve his design. For further improvement Bozardeux plans to add the "Arduino test bench shutter" that allow to measure your shutter speed; the "PhotoBomb special Back" that add some specials guests on your films and also the "AP-Lens special mount" for a full DIY camera.

Watch the video below showing how the OpenReflex shutter is working:

You can download source files of all parts and follow the instructions here on Instructables.



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chris wrote at 8/31/2013 4:54:28 PM:

That film film thing for old slr´s was a joke...of course there is no digital film. ;-)

alidan wrote at 7/11/2013 1:33:59 PM:

there is a digital film film thing for old slrs, i can't remember what happened to it, but it was something about 3 or so years ago....

simon wrote at 7/9/2013 9:41:35 PM:

Good luck find film

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