Jul.29, 2013

Starting from today, Richrap will do a series of blog posts to show assembly, setup, calibration, and firmware config in stages of his 3DR RepRap Delta Printer.

(Image credit: Richrap)

Part 1 - Release files, print some plastic parts and source other materials.

Part 2 will look at preparation of parts and starting assembly of the 3D printer and extruder.

Part 3 will tackle the final machine assembly, hot-end, electronics setup, and wiring.

Part 4 will get to grips with the firmware, setup, calibration and first movements of the Printer.

Part 5 will see us setting up Slic3r with 3DR, use some test parts to level our bed and have some 3D Printing Fun!

Watch below the Intro video of 3DR that Richrap explains some of the reasons he designed this printer, and you can follow his blog posts here.


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