Sep.11, 2013

The Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA), a non-profit association of professional designers launched a design contest, "The Launch Day 2013 competition" in July. Hosted by Inventables, the design contest invited designers from all over the world to design a 3D printed pinewood derby style car to launch down a ski-slope track at the conference in Chicago.

Teamed up with Paul Hatch the conference chair, Computer Aided Technologies, Stratasys, Models Plus, and The 3D Printer Experience, the purpose of the contest was to give Industrial Designers the chance to really flex their design muscles with 3D printing technology.

On site a 6' track was modeled and built after a Ski Jump. 10 best designs were selected and 3D printed before the conference and they would then ride down the ski-jump track and fly!

The top 10 cars were printed on one of these two 3D printers: Connex 350 Polyjet, with Acrylic photopolymer and resolution of 0.025" and a minimum wall thickness of 0.050". or Fortus 400 FDM, with ABS and a resolution of 0.040" and a minimum wall thickness of 0.065".

The prizes were based on three criteria:
- Best flight
- Best crash
- Best looks

The Donkey Kong Derby Car designed by Priority Designs in Gahanna, Ohio won both Best Looks and Best Crash. It was made as a barrel so when it hit the ground it would shatter. The compoents were printed on a MakerBot Replicator 2 and then assembled with super glue.

The Ballona car won best flight as it traveled the farthest. Designed by Reut Kovetz of Fahrenheit Design in Austin, Texas the Ballona car were made to break into a bunch of little pieces when it hit ground. Its secret to win the prize was that each of the pieces where spherical so when it broke apart the balls kept rolling.

Watch the video below featuring IDSA Launch Day and the race. The contest drew over 100 entries from all over the world. And the top 3 teams measured by farthest distance, most spectacular crash, and most beautiful design won an Up Mini 3D printer from Inventables.

Other finalists are:

airwave toy car by Noam yaish Konstantin ziman

RocketMan by Matt Lyle

Liquid Pinewood Derby Car by Thomas Davis

Drag[&]Fly by Brian Hamilton

3d printed spring car by Chris

The Glider by Kaleidoscope Design Team

The Vortex by Kaleidoscope Design Team

Beyond Design_IDSA 3D Printed Car by Patrick Nally

Source: Inventables


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